Breast Reduction Recovery: What Should One Expect?

You must be curious about breast reduction when the size of your breast is getting extremely large and you are facing problems/issues due to it. The issues may relate to the health. Or large breasts may become the reason of pain.

Breast reduction surgery is recommended to those who are facing above mentioned issues. Surgery is the ultimate solution of it and it’s the only way to return to the normal life. Before going for surgery make a research about it and then make your final decision. Some research results are there which we are going to share with you. Research is no doubt best preparation for your best reduction surgery.

Immediate after Surgery:

During surgery breasts are lifted and ultimately weight is reduced. During this procedure nipples are repositioned. In some cases during surgery liposuction may be performed for the removal of extra fats from the breast. Breast reduction surgery may take 2-3 hours. After surgery patient is taken to the recovery room to be monitored as when patient awakes from the general anaesthesia. After monitoring’ patient is send back to home the same day. A friend or a family member must right be there for the patient who may take her to the home.

After surgery you go back home wearing surgical bra. The logic of using surgical bra is that it supports your breast during healing. The other benefit of using this bra is that it minimizes incision stress and swelling. This bra and the gauze (which is beneath the bra) can easily be removed on the second post operative day.

First Week after Surgery:

Remember that it may take 6 weeks to recover from the breast reduction surgery. Because due to surgery inflammation occurs and it takes time to feel your breast soft and natural again. After surgery you can wear beat till recovery but you can also use the normal soft bra without any wire. You can expect the following some things after surgery:

Stitches after breast reduction surgery are mostly absorbable but sutures on each side of the breast need the removal after 7 days of the surgery.

Soon after the Breast Reduction Surgery pain is a very normal thing and women often says that they feel the burning sensation and sometimes discomfort.

Pain killers are given to lessen the pain for first 7 days after the surgery.

After this surgery women should avoid driving and they should take bed rest to 2 weeks at least. After that they can go back to the work.

After surgery women experience the swelling and pain in breast due to menstruation.

Light exercises can also lead to the quick recovery after this surgery.

Embellish Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery:

You can recover earlier from breast reduction surgery if you follow the simple tips. Take rest for 48 hours soon after the surgery. Use proper pillows to support your upper body. Don’t indulge in any physical activity etc. Diet plans should also be followed properly.

Remember that recovery estimates from the breast reduction surgery are very general and you must follow the instructions of your surgeon in this regard as a first priority.

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