What to Look For In a Facelift Surgeon

facelift-surgeonWhether it’s getting a wrinkle reduction procedure or a facelift, everyone deserves the best surgeon working on them. It really doesn’t matter the procedure, everyone wants to know they have a highly skilled surgeon by their side so they know they’re in safe hands. However, when it comes to having a facelift, the individual chooses their surgeon unlike in an emergency when the first doctor on call operates. Though, what to look for in a facelift surgeon? What should you be looking for in a surgeon?

A Surgeon Who Knows When and Where to Stop

There are many fantastic plastic surgeons who absolutely understand the delicate balance between the beauty and natural factors of the body. You may want to add dermal fillers but a good surgeon will understand what needs to be done in order to create a balanced and natural appearance. Remember, the face must look right to be a success but a surgeon who understands this is vital. A surgeon must understand how the balance of the face works in order to do the correct procedures but also ensure things look natural.

Talking Through All Options

No surgeon should jut agree to operate on someone unless they have been told about the risks and safety concerns. Of course, surgeon should cover these things but they should also sit down with a patient and consult with them. Patients may believe their only option is surgery but surgeons know lots of alternative non surgical procedures to help enhance the face and they should be talking about those options. A good facelift surgeon will sit with a patient and discuss at length all options available to them before choosing the surgical option for wrinkle reduction.

What Sort Of Certification Does The Surgeon Have?

It’s very important to know how experienced the surgeon is. It doesn’t matter if they plan to add dermal fillers or work on a full facelift; they absolutely need to have hands on experience and a good track record on this area too. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, additional training is required and a board certified plastic surgeon is some of the best people to perform a facelift. They have experience and the right training to handle the surgery.

Do You Feel Comfortable With The Surgeon?

The first consultation can tell someone a lot about their surgeon because a connection can be immediately formed. This is an absolute must because someone has to feel at ease and comfortable with the person operating on them. However, a good wrinkle reduction surgeon will absolutely be as honest and forthright with their patient as possible. Surgeons shouldn’t be afraid to discuss every area of the surgery as well as say what they think is necessary and what isn’t.

Choose the Right Facelift Surgeon

A facelift can be a very serious procedure because it surgery. So many forget that plastic surgery can be just as serious as many other types of surgery being conducted. That is why it’s vital to ensure the right facelift surgeon is chosen because it’s a serious procedure. It could be a wrinkle reduction or a full facelift but you still need a good surgeon.

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