Zinc for Acne

Zinc for Acne

I believe that I have too much testosterone in my body and that is the reason why I used to have moderate acnes on my chin and cheeks. A few months ago, I tried taking the 50mg zinc for acne that CSV is offering in the market. It has worked for me but then, it has an awful taste and I would get stomach ache if I don’t eat enough food before taking it. That’s why I decided to switch to this product. It gave me a clearer skin, it doesn’t have a taste that would make me want to vomit and I can take it with an empty stomach. I go over forums in acne.org and I have found out that this product has more anti acne ingredients than its competitors (not that I was really conducting a research). Anyhow, this item comes highly recommended and I suggest that you take it twice a day.read more information on the types of Acne by visiting http://www.acne-treatments-4u.info/types-acne/

Just so you know, I am taking other things to make my face completely acne fee. Together with this product, I am consuming fish oil, multivitamins and B6. For my topical treatment, I use proactive despite all of its haters. For my regular meals, I try my best to stay away from items containing too much GI and dairy. I do exercise but I don’t lift heavy weights for my own good. I am 99 percent acne free so you may want to follow my daily routine for you to achieve this kind of result as well.

I have the worst kind of acne. I don’t have pimples that would easily go away. I have small nodules on my forehead. Not only are these bumps irritating but they can be quite painful as well. They can stay on my face for several weeks and it wouldn’t surprise me to find scars on the spots where they used to settle. I have tried several pills and creams already. One day, I got tired of all of them and I took the risk of getting that small zapit machine. The equipment only turned out to be a huge disappointment. Antibiotics have worked for me though but I chose to stop taking them because I didn’t want to be drug dependent all my life. Then, I finally found this product and spent only $8 for it.read more information on how you can prevent Acne by clicking here

Zinc for Acne

That remarkable event happened on December 8, 2011. I’m using this product up to this date and I simply couldn’t ask for more. It may have taken me weeks to get rid of all my acnes but the results that I got were definitely worth the wait. My breakouts eventually reduced in number that I even found it hard to believe in the first few weeks. I have never seen my face improved this far and it’s really a great blessing for me. I no longer have those ugly nodules. I’m just so happy that I don’t look like someone from the horror house anymore. Actually, I also have tea-tree oil and my organic tea-tree oil face wash to thank for this huge improvement on my face. These products have all worked harmoniously to give me the clearer look that I want.

Overall, I’m completely satisfied with this product. I don’t mind taking it in on a regular basis because that’s simply what I have to do to maintain the fresh face that I have right now. Besides, zinc for acne is considered as a natural nutrient and I believe that it can never give me a harmful side effect. Moreover, this product is something that I can afford so why would I try a more expensive alternative when I can settle for something that has already given me what I want? Taking this supplement has basically been one of the most sensible decisions that I have made in my life.

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